Thursday, April 06, 2006

it's what's for breakfast

what if i told you that i had wild blueberry crepes with dutch chocolate sauce this morning? you'd say, yummy! right?

and yummy it is, because of course these are the flavors to be found in oren's famed finch wa yrg.

the second in that set of classic coffees from the all-important ethiopian internet auction -- remember, there's also the batdorf kello and the ecco hama -- the finch wa remains a mind-blowing bean.

i opened this 1-day-old coffee this morning and was immediately overwhelmed as the fresh whole beans perfumed the house with the delicious aroma of blueberry fruit preserves.

because oren is a big chemex fan, that's how i made the coffee. using his proportion of 26 oz. water to 2 oz. ground coffee.

oren roasted these beans to what i'd call full-city+, with only the occasional bean showing the tiniest patch of oil.

as the water hit the coffee in the filter, that's when the toasty smell of fresh-baked hot crepes drifted up. the intense and juicy blueberry aroma definitely made it into the cup -- tho' it's most intense when the coffee's cooled a bit.

at that time, you'll sip, swallow, and after swallowing you automatically take a little breath. and it's that little automatic inhale that brings the blueberry sensation back behind your nose where you perceive it strongly.

aahhhh! i loved it black, as well as with splenda and a dash of light cream.

what startles me is that oren has any of this left. i must not be communicating clearly -- if i were, dear readers, you'd have pillaged oren's stores and overwhelmed his shopping cart of any trace of this coffee. . .it would be a mass java riot. . .

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