Friday, April 21, 2006

the los lirios c.o.e., redux

as promised, dear readers, i made this lovely batdorf "latitudes" coffee in the vac pot today. as expected, it brewed up brighter -- beyond sparkling or crisp near to a clean, hard snappy; it approached a kenya aa in brightness.

i still couldn't quite find what scott was calling black currant, but i did find a little hint of a sweet evergreen quality in the aroma. the los lirios is nice in the vac pot, but i think i prefer it in the chemex, where it might be a little more balanced brightness vs. aroma-wise.

tomorrow, the cafetiére!

also, a big bccy congrats to doug zell of intelligentsia for that nice piece on him in kiplingers. long-time readers know i'm a big zell fan: see 4 reasons doug zell rocks.

finally, thanks again to andrew b. of ecco for another surprise shipment of his roman espresso! will drink tomorrow!

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