Saturday, April 22, 2006

mocha made easy

the day's becoming progressively colder as it wears on. brrr!

i decided i definitely needed a post-yoga hit of coffee and chocolate. most people call this concotion a mocha, and often it entails all kinds of craziness, u-bet chocolate syrup, whipped cream, espresso, sweetener, whatever.

long-time readers know i want the best of everything while remaining indolently lazy. thus, to satisfy my desire with the least amount of work, i reached for andrew b's ecco certified california organic, fair-trade espresso.

all the flavors of a mocha with none of the hassle. why?

remember, dear readers, andrew's espressi are famous for an intense dutch cocoa aftertaste. that eliminates the need for the chocolate syrup right there.

so i popped open andrew's coffee, roast-dated apr. 17, and looked at the beans. maybe a little different than usual: most beans showed dots of oil, which i'd call at full-city+ roast.

i expected this coffee to be floral, nutty, with that great chocolate flavor. and since it seemed a tad darker than usual, lots of warming roast notes, maybe even slightly woody-spicy.

and guess what? andrew never fails to satisfy expectations!

i pulled a nice triple espresso into a cappuccino cup and enjoyed watching the rich, dark hazelnut crema blob outta the portafilter. andrew's espresso always has a decadently buttery, motor-oil body, probably due to his use of super-premium brazils.

then to the 2.5 oz coffee, i added about 4 oz. water, a spoonful of light cream, and a dash of da vinci's unflavored sugar-free syrup. instant mocha americano, no fuss.

ultra-yummy. highly recommended.

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