Tuesday, April 25, 2006

more things we felt we knew already

". . .coffee, in any quantity, does not raise the risk of coronary heart disease and could actually reduce the chances, says a study."

this news story's been all over the place, and i actually wouldn't have bothered to comment on it, except for explicit requests. in fact, the only thing i have to say is: umm, i'm glad this news has reached you now!

moderate coffee drinking really isn't harmful to the wide majority of people -- it's a simple, daily pleasure we can all enjoy together with our friends and family. naturally, i encourage you to spread some specialty coffee passion among your loved ones today!

speaking of loved ones, i spent part of the morning sheparding poor mr. right to the specialist about his slipped disc. thanks for your condolences, all.

he'll be fine soon, probably in less than 3 weeks. and he is enjoying his pizza.

i also had a charming conversation during lunch with colin newell; you may know him as coffee crew. he's got a book deal, isn't that cool?

a big bccy congrats to colin for spreading his coffee passion around like double-chocolate ganache! you go, big guy.

what's great about having canadian friends is that they are relaxed, charming, practical, and have fantastic common sense. i need to spend more time talking to colin, that's for sure; he has a great gift for putting things in perspective.

i also had a chance to spend a moment chatting with scott merle of batdorf about his los lirios c.o.e. more on that tomorrow. . .

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