Sunday, April 02, 2006

now that we've straightened it all out

ok, i feel like the confusion about peter g's counterculture rwanda has been dispelled, so what's the coffee taste like now?

you could check out your scaa flavor wheel:

peter describes the coffee as "cashew," and today, i see where he's coming from on that. smelling the whole beans in the bag, there's a definite sweet nuttiness and even a little scent of those large dried sultanas i buy for the famed irish shooting cake.

the milk chocolate aftertaste definitely makes its statement too. i love drinking this coffee black, with just a little splenda to help that fruitiness along.

the past 2 days have been the beginning of our real spring; this morning all the daffodils blossomed at once, as did the ornamental pear trees in my nabe. just glorious.

the dogwoods and tulip trees mostly opened mid-week, but the little sprinkle of rain we got yesterday afternoon seemed to be just what the other flowers were waiting for.

it was just a lovely walk home from yoga, and even better to sit down after class in my sunny living room with a cup of peter's rwanda. just a lovely coffee on a late spring afternoon!

i don't know how much of this peter has, but i hope for your sake, dear readers, it's a lot. . .must go get the kitchen ready for pizza-making!

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