Wednesday, April 05, 2006


and guess what comes flying thru my door today? oh yeah, well, it's not a total surprise after my conversation yesterday with oren's roast manager.

yuppers, it's a lovely silver mylar bag of the amazing finchwa yrg, roast dated yesterday. i was told that all of oren's coffee is usually packed within 30 mins. or so of roasting.

so we are looking at fresh coffee. . .remember, this is the bean long-time bccy pal cgg (another of us coffee-lovin' yoginis -- we're practically our own niche-interest group here!) has compared to an all-in-one dessert.

ah yes, and today this nice list of coffee blogs was brought to my attention. it covers most of the major ones, but there are soooo many nowadays!

baristi have blogs, consumers have blogs, roasters have blogs, retailers have blogs -- i'm waiting for the coffee farmers to start blogging. that'll be a landmark.

as the passion for our beloved bean spreads, it's hard to keep up. finally, i wish all of you who are going a safe journey to scaa conference in charlotte.

since paying work has a habit of really intefering with one's coffee volunteerism, i alas will miss conference this year. but! there's always the scaa consumer member homecoming and swanky cocktail party this summer. . .

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