Thursday, May 18, 2006

back to bolivia

am i under seige by ups today or what? but seriously, scaa board member peter g. of counterculture did surprise me this morning with some of his bolivia c.o.e. carrasco, from anacleto uluri's pico del tucan (toucan's beak) estate.

if "estate" is the right word to use for a farm of 11.5 hectacres/about 28 acres. how big is that, we city-dwellers may ask?

1 acre is about 43,560 sq. feet; that is, imagine a piece of land about 209 ft by 209 ft.

here in nyc, a "short block" (scroll down) is about 1/20th of a mile or roughly 262 feet. this means toucan's beak would stretch about 22 short blocks, or from near union sq. park on 14th st. to the pierpont morgan library on 36th st.

check my math, ok, dear readers -- this is a lot for me to do on one cappuccino. still, that's a fair distance in my mind's taxi. . .

at any rate, it will be extremely interesting to compare this coffee to peter's caranavi!

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