Friday, May 05, 2006

bench pressing the el naranjal

following up from yesterday, i brewed kevin's gimme colombian c.o.e., the el naranjal, in the cafetiére. this brewing method suits kevin's coffee much better to my mind.

as you'd expect, the brightness is reduced nearly to pure mildness, while the body gains substantially. i also thought the press emphasized the pungent finishing qualities of the roast.

i can see where kevin is going with serving this coffee as an americano. i also think it would make a superior moka pot brew.

you can bet that tomorrow i'll be trying the americano version myself!

as i was contemplating this coffee, who should phone but the amazing andrew b. of ecco? after we chatted, i was left thinking: what a nice guy, how passionate about coffee.

of course, this is pretty much my experience when talking to 99% of the scaa pros. they are truly unique in their love for specialty coffee, and it makes them a pleasure to be around.

i think andrew's biggest news is that soon his website will have a shopping cart, making his coffees easier to buy than ever! we'll be staying tuned to hear the exact date andrew launches.

good luck to you, a.b. rock out

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