Saturday, May 20, 2006

the best chocolate dessert in new york

My BBCY Podcast trust me, i mean what i say! you can subscribe to my podcast, which i do hope will improve quickly over time, at itunes with url

or of course you can just listen here. . .

also, i'd like to remind you all of the upcoming nyc coffee meetup at the nybot grading room this coming wed.

really i would -- except i think i already have 70 people, which means as it is the event will be standing-room-only and also b.y.o.e. (bring your own espresso), i'm afraid. needless to say, however, if you don't mind conditions similar to, oh, the lex during rush hour, then come on down to hear jim p. of 1st line chat about home espresso machines.

he will be giving a demonstration. i will be raffling off a set of segafredo demitasse for you cup collectors. . .thinking that you've gotta be there?

i knew it! hopefully we won't be a victim of our own success much longer and i'll manage to find a place with water, electricity, and brewing in manhattan capable of holding between 50-100 people on a regular basis.

see ya there. thanks for your support!

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