Wednesday, May 10, 2006

a big bccy congrats

"whole wheat is looking a whole lot less wheaty these days. that's because food processors are selling more of a newly popular flour that merges whole-wheat health benefits with the color, taste and texture of white bread."

of course the nytimes ap section here is talking about long-time bccy pal, king arthur flour. i'm famous for using its white whole wheat flour myself.

my poor husband, who dislikes red whole wheat flour, has many times unknowingly devoured the white. a recent example of this is the famed irish shooting cake, whereby i faked traditional irish wholemeal flour with a mix that included white whole wheat.

also see my version of a white whole-wheat pizza crust. and i famously worship king arthur's big baker guy, j. hamelman.

at the same time, i have to ask the nyt and ap: where have you been? most of us have been using this flour for years now!

so congrats to you, king arthur! they are good people.

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