Monday, May 15, 2006

canadian surprise!

and what came in the mail today but coffee from canada! whoo-hoo!

big bccy thanks to scaa pro member sara of everyday gourmet and bccy pal colin n. of coffee crew. colin roasted this coffee himself for everyday in sara's toper.

devoted readers will recall this coffee is the one featured in my recent espresso porn pic. sara kindly sent some espresso, yrg, peru, and sumatra.

popping open the yrg quickly reveals what i'd call a vienna roast -- the beans are dark and gleam with an overall light sheen of oil. i think this was all roasted on friday, making the coffee 4 days old.

you sure bet: first thing tomorrow sara's yrg is hitting the chemex. . .or maybe i should check out the espresso to see how porn-worthy it will prove in my own silvia.

thanks muchly, sara and colin!

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