Wednesday, May 24, 2006

coffee meetup = huge & sara's yrg, redux

woke up this morning and realized i still have 75 people coming to the nyc coffee meetup tonite at the nybot grading room, where long-time bccy pal jim p. of 1st-line will give an espresso machine demo. wow!

he's bringing a semi-auto, a super-auto, and a killer grinder. . .

while thinking about all the craziness -- will everyone actually show up? how will get the boxes upstairs in light of the union elevator rules? etc. -- i saw that i still had a scoopful or two left of scaa pro member sara's everyday yrg.

naturally i reached for my copper ibrik. winey coffees like the yrg make fantastic turkish, so that's what i brewed today.

as turkish, sara's yrg had no bitterness or astringency -- and i added only 1 teaspoonful of simple sugar-free syrup to the pot. so i'm calling that all good.

on the yoga front, if you still don't have the namarupa varanasi walk-thru cd, you are definitely missing out. the reviews of this have been nothing but raves.

i've been on the cheb i sabah mailing list for a while now, so believe me when i tell you the music's good.

and while we're on this subject, i still get a lot of sweet email where people ask me for my favorite yoga book. you know, after all this time, i still recommend erich schiffmann's moving into stillness.

it's a rare book that covers poses and yoga 'tude both. it's quite readable and you have the sense that erich is speaking to you personally from his heart, but without being maudlin, self-conscious or fake.

his presentation of yoga philosophy (his thinking may not be strictly advaita vedanta, but it's non-dual and way radical in the nicest possible way! wink big nose) has to be the most down-to-earth, makes-sense-to-a-six-year-old ever.

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