Saturday, May 20, 2006

completely ot: shout out to mei-mei b.

peeling open the early delivery of the ny times' special magazine on architecture, i saw my old, old pal mei-mei berssenbrugge's new house featured. this section won't be on the times' website 'til later this evening, i believe, that's their usual way.

i met mei-mei at the jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics -- that's a long story, dear readers, but yes, i am a product of that fine institution, by which i mean, lunatic asylum.

(point of fact, i was the first ted berrigan scholar, but let's not get into that. . .)

i have very fond memories of mei-mei from when i was young and literally hungry. she once "employed" me as a typist -- even tho' i can't type to this day -- as an excuse to pay me 30 bucks so i could buy groceries.

i will always remember her jewel-box house in fanta se on the corner of the acequia madre, how a coal-tar red amaryllis greeted visitors from a chinese bowl.

mei-mei, as i recall, always filled that house with flowers. a long time later i saw mei-mei, richard tuttle, and daughter martha again, and we had dinner in a private house in el rito that served as the local diner -- green chile stew with posole.

at that time a famous exhibition of suprematist art was showing, and tuttle went on an amazing riff on why he didn't like malevich much. and i do believe that was one of the most interesting experiences of my youth.

i visited mei-mei a few times when she was living in galisteo, too. good luck to you mei-mei; i think of you always with fondness.

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