Wednesday, May 03, 2006

evil spammers stealing content!

gentle readers, while perusing my stats this morning, i noticed a referrer i didn't recognize. the great thing about this coffee blog gig is that almost all of my referrers are from google searches, or fellow coffee bloggers and scaa members.

it's a nice community we have developed on the internet, in which all of us play a part in educating ourselves and the average coffee lover about the wide range of global issues offered by specialty coffee.

curious about this referrer, i checked it out. and it turned out to be an evil spam yoga blog!

these criminal spammers steal content from innocent bloggers, put it on a fake blog, and then put up google adsense ads to make money. this is a clear violation of google's adsense terms of service.

if you all are cruising around the 'net and spot one of these, it's really super-duper-good web karma to report it as a policy violation to google.

i only found out about this crime because the evil doers stole a piece of content that linked back to me. someone clicked on it to come to the real bccy and so it showed up in my stats.

fellow bloggers, it's important to look at your stats and even google yourself for your popular posts to ensure this doesn't happen to you!

and if it does, it's crucial to report it to google. they will take action, ususally within a week or so.

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