Sunday, May 28, 2006

important points on yellow mole

following up from yesterday:

  • no matter what rick bayless says, yellow mole will destroy your house. you'd use less dishes, pots & pans making an escoffier banquet for a sun king;
  • what rick bayless doesn't tell you is that yellow mole is worth it only if you also make the corn meal dumplings, the chochoyotes. they are delicious;
  • yellow mole still isn't worth it;
  • when are standing in your hallway, retreating towards some sense of safety from the ever-growing pile of malanga peelings that crawl from kitchen, remember that you are doing all this work for something that doesn't even contain chocolate;
  • double the chicken. the bayless recipe is unbearably light on the chicken;
  • cooked malanga has a wonderful, silken texture much nicer than potatoes;
  • bayless is also way wrong about the chayote. definitely peel the chayote
  • by god i hoped you doubled the recipe or else the amount of effort yellow mole takes will kill you. that means, quadruple the chicken;
  • yellow mole is wonderful but there is a reason the great hospitality spirit invented mexican restaurants.

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