Monday, May 08, 2006

peter g's counterculture rwanda super lot

ooh ooh -- what arrived today but a new coffee from long-time bccy pal and scaa board member, peter g. of counterculture! roast-dated may 4, this coffee's not his usual rwanda karaba, but a prized "super lot."

peter had the co-op put 2 separate lots together in hopes of creating a stellar cup. he was so pleased with the results that he paid the farmers more than twice the contract price of this fair-trade coffee.

yay peter! doing good business with the farmers is good coffee; this is one of the foundation goals of our specialty coffee family.

i'll be brewing this first thing tomorrow in the chemex, since that's how i best liked his regular rwanda last time. . .

also dear readers, since i've been adding the technorati tags, i have received a few requests to add a so-called tag cloud. of course, i might want to argue that the very name of this blog is tags, and lo! this blog has always been tagged, for those in the know.

but! i digress. i'm thinking about it, is all i'll say right now. i'm not sure what a cloud would do for you all, since my topics are really rather tightly constrained.

but i'm open to your comments. . .so please, comment!

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