Thursday, May 11, 2006

regional coffee culture, multi-part many, redux

"from scruffy roadside chai shops and government-run coffeehouses to swanky, air-conditioned, branded coffee bars and lounges, indians, especially those living in the north, are catching on to the worldwide passion for coffee.

coffee consumption has increased from 55,000 tons to 80,000 tons after decades of stagnation. industry sources say the niche coffee retail format is growing at 10-12% a year, with branded coffee accounting for 53% of sales, unbranded 40% and cafes 7%.

in keeping with the global coffee culture, purveyors in india offer the 'total experience' - a huge range of blends, snacks, ambience, wi-fi-enabled environments and jukeboxes. southern indians have loved their cup of filter coffee for a long time, but have the option of visiting the closest cafe as well.

india's per capita daily coffee consumption of 54 grams is mainly due to the southern region's per capita level of 240 grams

gentle readers, this is the true herald that the end of the coffee crisis is coming into sight. cappuccini for the residents of new delhi (with buffalo milk)!

indians, who reside in the world's largest democracy and who form the world's largest middle class, are tuned into global coffee trends now. now we in the specialty coffee family just need to work with india's new coffee lovers to educate them about quality.

lemme once again pretentiously quote myself: "one world under specialty coffee's passionate sway." i'll raise another cup of kevin's gimme horse harrar to that this morning!

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