Thursday, May 25, 2006

so cal espresso report

the news from long-time bccy pal, scaa pro member, and espressohound about l.a., marshall fuss:

"We finally made it to Martin Diedrich's new shop this weekend in Newport Beach, CA. He named it Kean Coffee for his son. Martin is doing all the roasting himself on the shop floor on a smallish Diedrich (what else?) roaster. We had a long talk about starting over in mid-life (Martin left his namesake company to start this venture).

Naturally, I bought a bag of his espresso blend and took it home. I tinkered with the grind and temp for my first three shots and then experienced one my most complex and satisfying espressos ever. I detected citrus, chocolate and spices (I think Jim Schulman would have a field day with flavor descriptors).

Anyway, if you're interested in buying a bag, I'd be interested in your reactions. No, he's not a client, and I don't expect him to be. He roasts every day and dates each bag.

The website is, but for some reason it's down this evening, except for the home page. He changes his coffee selections as the new crops come in (he was very excited about the new shipment of La Lucie from Zimbabwe), and may be updating the order page.

But the site normally has a full shopping menu. There is only one espresso blend. You can also call at 949.642.KEAN (5326). I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I was blown away by this coffee, and I respect your opinion."

long-time readers know i'm a huge marty d. fan, so i was riveted by marshall's report. must mail-order this coffee soon!

if any of you, gentle coffee lovers, have tried marty's new coffees or been to his place, do comment below! i wanna know!

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