Friday, June 16, 2006

breaking coffee news: geisha arrives at intelligentsia

just got off the phone with matt riddle of intelligentsia. as posted previously, the auction-busting, prize-winning hacienda la esmeralda panama geisha has now arrived in chicago.

devoted readers know this is one of my favorite coffees of all time. ever.

in fact, matt said, it was being test-roasted even as we spoke. there's only 85 pounds for sale, folks, and it will be broken into half-pound bags -- so only 170 people will be able to get their hands on this coffee. period.

of that amount, 45 pounds is available for sale on-line. here's how matt's gonna do it: next wednesday, he's sending out a coupon code in the intelligentsia email newsletter.

to pre-order, you'll have to put the coffee in the shopping cart as usual, and also enter this coupon code. if the coupon code doesn't work, you'll know you're too late and the coffee's already sold out.

matt expects to blow through the entire on-line allotment pretty much right away. so if you're interested in this coffee from intelligentsia, run over to the site and register for the email newsletter pronto.

then watch your email, follow the newsletter's instructions exactly, and be prepared to buy immediately. . .more details to follow!

of course the remainder of the geisha will be available for sale in doug zell's retail locations, as well.

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