Friday, June 02, 2006

breaking geisha news: how to pre-order from intelligentsia

just off the phone with doug zell of intelligentsia about the hot coffee news of the week, the la esmeralda panama geisha auction results.

i've already posted how you can get on the stick and connect with your own half-pound from groundwork. now doug's told me how you can get yourself in a position to pre-order a half-pound from him if you're an intelligentsia fan.

matt riddle told me frankly that the amount they would have for online sale would be quite limited. remember there are only a handful of bags of this coffee, so . . .

here's what you do. run over to the intelligentsia website and register.

during the registration, you'll be asked if you want to join the newsletter. say yes!

when the coffee lands -- it's still in transit -- doug and matt will be sending out a notice in the newsletter with a link for pre-ordering. there's your chance.

probably only a few dozen people will be fortunate enough to buy this rare coffee from doug. will you be one?

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