Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the gillies sumatra mandheling gayo mountain

woo finally back to coffee. and, don't worry, the podcast is coming; thanks for your patience.

at about 9 days old now, don schoenholt's gillies sumatra mandheling gayo mountain estate grade 1, triple-picked, european preparation is still fresh enough to brew nicely. and after enjoying it last weekend as a single-origin espresso, i decided it was time to flip out over it.

it's at that roast level don calls "iv," which i think some might call viena. the easiest way to describe this coffee to a broad audience in short-hand is to say "it's like what peets dark-roast sumatra used to be when it was still really, really good."

well, that's not true, because it's probably better than peets ever was. as i never heard that peets was in the habit of purveying triple-picked coffees from sumatra, but that could just be my lack of inside-peets baseball.

(note to jim reynolds: you are welcome to correct my ignorance at any time! heart)

anyway, i brewed this up in dear sophia this morning and thought, this is darn fine coffee! i sank back into my distant past more than a decade ago when i always drank mail-order peets.

how to compare don's 2 sumatras? today's gayo mountain mandheling is a more classic sumatra-type taste, mellow, clove-y, with a pinch of earth; don's kuda mas lintong is a still mellow but cleaner, less earthy, and a little more nutmeg-y.

i know don himself prefers the lintong, and long-time readers know i love it my own bad self. i encourage you all to try a half-pound of each yourselves and decide at home which speaks to you and your family best!

they both have that fantastic sumatra body. . .brewed just a tad strong in the cafetiére, it can almost seem a bit gelatinous. yummy.

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