Thursday, June 22, 2006

jonathan's india mysore

before life events turned today into all-intelligentsia-all-the- time, i had intended to write about my experience today making jonathan's joe india mysore in the chemex. but hey, stuff happens.

note that jonathan doesn't roast coffee himself (yet - hint!); it comes to him from barrington. alas, it doesn't have a roast date, so sadly i can't tell you how old it is.

lemme just say that i found the mysore to have a taste hovering between sweet and nippy (only barely bright); with a floral fragrance, a malty aroma, a caramel nose, and a very slight wood-spicy aftertaste. this washed coffee from south india offered a moderately heavy body, which i found somewhat unusual for a mysore.

generally this coffee is known for a light-ish body; so i think the better-than-expected-mouthfeel is coming from a combination of the roast and the chemex. i would describe the barrington roast level on this one to be city+, since no oil at all is visible anywhere on any bean.

but again, i don't have an agtron number on this. altho' this is proving a rather quick round-up on this bean, i'd say generally that jonathan's mysore is better than ken davids (scroll down) would describe the "average" product from this origin.

in fact, it was pretty well balanced, i might say it was sort of a cross between a costa rica and a brazil. hmm, in a good way.

if you see what i'm driving at. . .for lovers of light coffees who normally take a little milk, i'd hazard.

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