Monday, June 19, 2006

kill me now

" 'no one is expected to take off anything in these sessions,' little woo says by way of introduction to her burlesque yoga, 'but people can find it a very liberating experience. even the bikini-impaired might strip down to their panties and bra.' "

sadly, this is not a prank pulled on the mainstream media by an ambitious blogger. this woman actually teaches "yoga" classes in a corset and heels.

when, i beg the cosmos, when will the yoga fad end? i will end up a totally humorless ashtangi yet, i swear, a total yoga purist. . .

i know the burlesque thing is a dying hipster novelty, so i understand this poor woman has to find a hook to pay her rent. but can't she just go teach low-impact burlesque-aerobics for middle-aged matrons?

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