Wednesday, June 21, 2006

lavender & sage

having joined the csa, i'm getting used to the one odd ingredient it throws at you each week. last week, sunchokes -- which i spun into a recipe from marcella cucina -- and this week, lavender.

what leaps instantly into my mind when pondering lavender is ice cream and cookies. many recipes with blueberries and vanilla do ok if you toss in some lavender as an extra ingredient, like muffins and pound cake (even vinaigrettes).

these are so screamingly little-old-lady, i can't imagine my husband would touch them. but maybe i should be more clever in this hot summer weather and think cool zabaglione.

the only issue with this might be the usual marsala, which would overwhelm the lavender flavor. it's common to find zabaglione with lemon and/or cinnamon as well, since these are flavors that echo the esters occuring in marsala.

so! it would be necessary to replace the marsala with something less assertive and more lavender friendly. there's always that old standby, kirsch. . .

we don't have great apricots yet, or else i'd consider home-made jam.

while wandered home pondering this dilemma, i arrived to discover my husband had decided to make ricotta gnocchi with sage butter. a delicious classic!

and yes, they are so good that i am up right now snacking on the left-overs. but! this isn't a cheeseburger blog!

you long-time readers haven't tuned in to read what i'm eating. . .as soon as i'm done pillaging the gnocchi, i'll go back to bed, wake up, and brew some gillies coffee.

oh, and another thing: i will be checking out flock, but i worry its vaunted blogging features aren't as rich as firefox. and i would like to implement hcard here, but there doesn't yet seem to be a way for normal people to consume them easily, which means i don't yet see how they help you right now, dear readers!

finally, i do think there should be a sub-category of hreview specifically for coffee. i'll take this up with cqi and scaa very soon; but right now the specification is too limited for our beloved bean, imvho.

gimme a couple hours, ok?

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