Sunday, June 18, 2006

oren's greenwell farms kona

My BCCY Podcast In which I enthuse more about oren's greenwell farms estate kona in the french press. remember, you can subscribe to all my podcasts on itunes.

that i like this coffee so very much isn't a surprise to long-time readers, who know that not only am i generally really fond of all of oren's coffees, but i am also fond of estate kona. and this may come as a surprise to many, since often people who love intense ethiopians and yemens, as i do, tend to down kona as a boring, delicate, so-so, overpriced coffee.

and it's true that not all kona farms are as dedicated to their crop as they might be. but tom greenwell is!

and so it makes me super-happy to be able to support an american coffee farmer. not many people know that unlike other american agricultural products, coffee receives little aid from the government.

the devoted kona farmer (hiya suzanne!) tends to be out there on their own. . .and it's a struggle they endure because the good kona farmers are passionate about their beans!

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