Tuesday, June 20, 2006

surprise from gillies coffee!

ooh ooh ooh! wandered home last night after pilates mat class, which i am taking once a week to help achieve a straighter line in handstand, only to discover a trio of wandering gillies coffees perched eagerly on my doorstep, one-way valves smiling.

they looked so cute-n-friendly in their little gold bags, so naturally i brought 'em in. and they were: my all time fave "classic profile" ethiopian, the gillies lemon-caramel candy yrg, the one ken davids famously deemed the best yrg ever; the famed sumatra lintong "kuda mas" triple-picked, japanese prep, grade 1; and a new lintong, the gayo mountain, grade 1, triple-picked, with a european prep.

this gayo mountain is roasted for espresso, it looks like to me: don schoenholt intends it to be used as a single-origin espresso. must check this out.

thanks don! i also had a great chat yesterday with scaa pro member and tech standards guy josh dick of urnex about his grindz product for cleaning coffee grinders; he's just back from a month-long sales trip in europe, where the demand for his products is apparently exhausting.

he's in 50 countries now, can you believe it? i'm looking forward to trying out grindz myself.

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