Sunday, June 04, 2006

um, guidelines, sort of

My BCCY Podcast in response to some audience email, i'm outlining my formal non-policy(!) on describing coffees. it's really about consumer education and raising the level of coffee discourse.

once again, let me thank those of you who wrote in with the cheeky suggestion that i begin a coffee description podcast called "the not-ny times coffee column" or some such and just start talking about coffee the way the mainstream food-n-beverage press ought to be!

pretty funny. but stalking the ny times really isn't my main occupation here, altho' i admit it provides a rich vein of comedy on some occasions.

i'll leave that for other bloggers. if the times wants me, trust me, they can find me. . .

but once again, let me thank you all for your support. i'm happy and grateful that so many of you appear to enjoy the podcast.

you can listen to it here, or subscribe and download it from itunes.

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