Thursday, June 15, 2006

various topics of minor note

  • bread, that is pizza, in this case:
    • suddenly the weather has shifted from autumnal to high august. it could over 90 degrees f this sunday, which may make it too hot to bake pizza. am watching forecast with care
  • coffee:
  • chocolate:
    • in weather like this, when it's nearly too hot for pizza, it's surely death to chocolate. nonetheless, i hope to have some chocolate news for you all in a few days. maybe. we'll see.
  • yoga:
    • summer being as it is, we are now sadly in high season for subsitute teachers. long-time readers know i'm often unhappy with the quality of substitute teachers. just have to hope the regular teachers all come back soon. just as they say new yorkers go crazy in august when all the shrinks are at the beach, maybe we also all freak out a bit when our usual yoga teachers vanish to india and summer workshops.
  • sunchokes:
    • thanks to the intrepid reader who pointed me to the recipe in marcella cucina for a fricasee of chicken, oregano, capers, and sunchokes. will do this weekend.
  • coffee part 2:
    • one slightly used zach & dani coffee roaster to loan to a known coffee lover in nyc. contact me thru the email link below.

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