Friday, June 02, 2006

while i'm still cranky on this yoga subject. . .

"the class involves a series of yoga positions that focus on those areas of the body that are critical to a good golf swing. 'in addition to an emphasis on twist poses to give more flexibility, i also include exercises for core strength, which help with distance; and meditative relaxation, which will help players stay focused and to relax through the swing,' said [the golf resort's yoga teacher]."

oh: g-oga.

actually, of all the yoga fusion movements i've groused about here so far, this one probably makes the most sense. you might just call it -- as others who have been teaching this for years have done -- "yoga for golfers." of course, some golf pros have been crediting yoga for their big wins for a while now.

anyway, i've been spending my mornings drinking the batdorf c.o.e. bolivia, the pico del tucan lately. if you're a lover of bright coffees, i urge you to check this out, either in the peter g. counterculture version, or in the batdorf roast.

in the meantime, thanks jessica for the dancing goat! this is my husband's favorite coffee outside of italy.

and let me also thank ric rhinehart for sweetly sending some costa rica. i can't wait until this arrives -- here at bccy we've never had the chance to look at any of his groundwork coffee before.

in other coffee news, i don't know about you, but i'm marking the days off my calendar until oren's new sidamo arrives. i think it's only a couple more weeks now until it's available. . .

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