Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and a shout-out to nancy la nasa

i've been remiss on congratulating one of bccy's oldest pals, the jivamukti teacher and devotee of the mother, nancy la nasa. she is just one of the best yoga teachers i've run across in nyc, and we were all bummed seriously when she moved to florida permanently.

she got a very nice article in her local florida paper, which seems to have been picked up by the wires worldwide. you go, nancy! you deserve it!

since lately i've been talking about pseudo-yoginis, i'm happy to be able to return to a positive note through nancy. she is a real, inspiring yogini and beautiful lady inside and out.

looking at her picture it is impossible to conclude that nancy is -- to be frank -- over 40. in person it is even more difficult: when i first met nancy i thought she was under 35.

this is what decades of serious yoga practice, careful diet, regular meditation, balanced attitude, and a positive outlook will do for you. not to mention her awesome sense of humor and hip style.

i have often said here that i want to grow up to be nancy la nasa!

so congrats to you again nancy -- i hope more people can now benefit from your lovely and unique presence.

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