Monday, July 10, 2006

awesome arrival: mark inman's organic rancho antonio

very few things are as welcome as mark inman's cute little yellow cans from taylormaid. long-time readers remember mark as the author of the best dark-roasted espresso ever.

so today finds me with 2 cans of his organic, shade-grown (under banana trees) rancho san antonio, a pulped natural.

the estate's in minas gerais, brazil. i can't seem to find an url for it, which once again makes me consider whether i should apply to cqi to get usaid funding to teach growers to build websites for their great coffee co-ops and estates.

anyway, this coffee comes to mark from another long-time bccy pal and former scaa prez, david griswold, who's a famous sweetheart. it's completely of the famously sweet and heavy yellow bourbon variety, grown by the goncalves da costa family.

they've been coffee farmers for 120 years. i'm very excited to brew this up -- it should be a fantastic single-origin espresso as well as a terrific chemex pot.

thank you mark!

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