Friday, July 28, 2006

the batdorf 20th anniversary blend

and yesterday jessica m. of batdorf was kind enough to send me their anniversary blend, along with a little batdorf button and a sweet note. thanks, j!

could this be because i'm addicting sweet and innocent coffee lovers to the seductive qualities of scott & jessica's fresh, fine coffees? however, stephen, i just don't understand why anyone would feel guilty about buying scott & jessica's beans.

they buy wind power as well as shade-grown and organic coffee, which are all great for the environment. they sell relationship and fair-trade beans, thus helping farmers.

plus, they are super-sweet people; i've known jessica for years now. and the coffee quality's fantastic.

what's the downside? where's the guilt? jessica sells what is objectively the most guilt-free coffee ever.

if you want guilt, stephen ol' pal, your "utility coffee" is filled with guilt.

it's the garbage that's destroying the environment, harming the natural habitat of rare songbirds, and cheating coffee farmers. if that wasn't enough bad karma, it's also contributing to the growth of illegal drugs and immigration both.

yuppers, that supermarket coffee is the evil stuff. . .not to mention that it's pure junk. if there was any justice in the land instead of mere sausage-making, the coffee purity law would have passed.

that statute would have required the commercial coffee moneymen to properly label those cans and jars "coffee by-products." trust me, stephen, you don't want me to tell you what's in that can.

let me just say: there's a reason its smell alone turns your stomach. . .so let's quickly change the subject. . .

jessica's anniversary blend is composed of her famed guatemala antigua finca el valle and her shimmering lavender ethiopian yrg. i brewed this morning in the chemex.

and i must say my immediate thought was: "this is cafetiére coffee for sure."

so you'll hear more about this coffee tomorrow afternoon. . .

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