Tuesday, July 25, 2006

early notes on peter g's kenya thangathi

as promised, i leapt outta bed and brewed this fine kenya aa in the chemex. because i wanted to make the most of the body, i used the so-called oren proportion, 2 oz. to 28 oz water.

inspecting the beans in the cool light of day, i'm calling peter's roast level city. i didn't see even a smidge of oil anywhere; peter definitely took care not to over-roast this baby.

the bag was stamped with a jul. 18 roast date, so i think the coffee is now 7 days old.

the fragrance of the dry grounds is definitely cardamom. beautiful, green spicy smell; cardamom is one of my favorite sensations, whether in pastry or in coffee!

when the water hits the coffee and it blooms, a lovely malty smell wafts about. and at the first sip, you're smacked by a pink-grapefruit citrus, which is followed by a lovely honeyed feeling.

this full coffee is all about grapefruit, and that's a good thing at breakfast. long-time readers can just close their eyes, imagine the scaa flavor wheel, and whisper wine-y.

in fact, as soon-to-be-cqi chief and long-time scaa head honcho ted lingle would say, this kenya aa is the very example of the term tangy.

as i brewed it, it had a wonderful body, a little beyond medium. if it were cloth, i'd call it thick linen.

can't wait to see what the vac pot picks up tomorrow. . .

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