Tuesday, July 11, 2006

in desperation, mailing it all to ya

well, when you can't log in to blogger, there's always the bizarre formatting of the mail-in post. . .forgive me.

in more ways than one, because today i had so truly planned a wonderful description of oren's yemen moka sanani. which is just one deliciously winey, sweetly spicy, well-bodied delight.

i'd call it a full city+ roast, since most of the beans show a pinprick of oil. i don't have a roast date, due to the situation.

i mean, oren slipped me a bag of this treasure during the recent scaa fancy food reception, and i buried it quickly in my marc jacobs bag before anyone could notice. no way was i sharing it!

because, as long-time readers know, me big yemen fan. i brewed it up in the cafetiere this morning. yummy.

tomorrow i have to turn my attention to mark inman's taylormaid brazil from yesterday, which was roast-dated the 5th. so the clock's ticking on it, and i owe it my time.

in other news, i did pick up at the csa this evening. every week we members dread the bizarro offering, the wacky thing you have no idea what to do with, short of feed it to the domestic critter of your choice.

tho' actually i've lucked out and managed to find something great for each of these. one week it was sunchokes, another lavender; this week, thank goodness, everything is edible in a normal manner.

assuming you love to peel favas, of course. but seriously, i just picked up my poundage (5 bags!) of local organic veggies and reveled in the beets.

oh yeah: i just dragged out my trusty kuhn-rikon pressure cooker and steamed 'em up. these will find themselves diced up with mint and such in a persian salad i've always heard called shamander, altho' my beautiful persian colleague shabnam has a different name for it, which you must forgive me, i have no idea how to spell!

the rosemary, the favas, the radicchio -- it's all good. i had no idea when i began this adventure in community-supported agriculture that i was going to spend a mostly italian summer, but here we are.

anna del conte and marcella will come to my aid!

oh, and ms. foody eats, whoever you are, pleased to make your acquaintance -- but next time please just link to my posts. there's no need to steal them outright.

(compare this to mine. imitation's the sincerest, and all that, but i don't feel so flattered. . .)

thanks for your support, but, foody eats, you will fail your advanced calculus if you crib all your answers from elsewhere, don'cha know? and thanks to the alert reader who pointed this out to me!

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