Saturday, July 15, 2006

reminder -- we spangly radio stars

just a quick reminder to you all to check out nyc's wlib 1190 radio
station -- you can listen on the net at their website -- this afternoon
from 3-5pm est. that's at

oren bloostein and i will be live on the wild salmon food show,
"tackling the world one cup of coffee at a time," as their home page
says today. we're sharing air-time with a vintner and a food critic.

honestly, i guess we'll get about 20 minutes of airtime, but i don't
know in which segment. i believe we will be talking about the importance
of buying fresh, whole-bean coffee and brewing it at home.

oren i believe is bringing some of his kenya aa and we'll be chemexing
it live on air. there will probably be the usual discussion of basic
coffee facts, but you never know where the host will direct the
conversation. . .

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