Sunday, July 09, 2006

reprinted here as a polite reminder about tonite's coffee event. . .

Hiya Coffee Lovers!

In response to many queries, I'm emailing you all to suggest that you consider wearing "business casual" to tonite's SCAA event.

Please, I beg you all, esp. those of you new to the group, to remember that these professionals have invited us kindly to their party. They are our sponsors, and make our group possible. We are their guests at every turn.

Our group is much different than most meetup groups. Due to the support of the SCAA, we can do things like borrow the Exchange Grading Room, or ask professional SCAA members to donate expensive equipment, like espresso machines and grinders, as door prizes.

Unlike other meetup groups, we have a close connection with the SCAA member coffeeshops that host our meetups. This is especially true of this evening's venue, Juan Valdez. Mary Petitt, who is in charge of this space, has long supported us, and she is the coming president of the SCAA.

Thus I am sure you all understand the importance of good interaction between ourselves and the professionals at the party. The specialty coffee family is welcoming and open. But a good impression and good manners count!

I wouldn't emphasize this so much, except that many of you are relatively new to the group and have not yet met Mary or the professionals. So please forgive me if I seem insistent on this point.

I will arrive slightly before 6 myself to help arrange things. Do look for me by the door for the first part of the party, where I will be greeting. However, this party tends to be large, crowded and loud, so you have to hunt for me a bit if you arrive late.

See ya later and happy coffee,

Fortune Elkins
NYC Coffee Meetup Organizer
All that groovy SCAA stuff you know about. . .

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