Sunday, July 02, 2006

spontaneous combustion remains possible

note: rags soaked with salad bowl finish may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. immediately after each use place rags in a sealed water-filled metal container.

well, dear readers, a bon maman jam jar was all i had to hand. but reading this warning made me wonder what it is about my character that all my favorite pursuits involve playing with fire?

bread, coffee, pizza, baking. . .and even making my own marcella-specified pasta pin.

marcella makes it seems so easy; in just 2 sentences she suggests you run down to your local hardware store, buy a hardwood pole, have them cut it, sand it, and then you finish it at home with salad bowl oil. oh, stick a quick eyehook into it so it hangs neatly and attractively with your batterie de cuisine.

sounds simple, hmm? it's not until you've got the salad bowl oil that you realize you're into a 72-hour event with 3 kinds of sandpaper, serious hand-drilling (the oak actually smokes!) and the real possibility of uncontrollable fire.

on the other hand, by wednesday i'll have made a kick-butt pasta pin all by myself (actually, with help from mr. right, who fortunately took shop before he went to art school). so tomorrow i give the thing a second coat, meaning i will have 2 jam jars of extremely dangerous -- but somehow food-safe! -- waste.

now i understand why more people don't do this at home. . .

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