Friday, July 07, 2006

surprise from andrew b!

and what arrived this morning but an unannounced surprise from andrew b. of ecco:

  • roast dated the 3rd, one of his lovely c.o.e. brazils. in a rush, it seems he didn't write the estate on it like he usually does, but i thought it smelled like his santa terezinha. and calling to confirm, i find i was correct. hooray me!
  • also dated the 3rd, his ever-so-enjoyable northern-italian-style reserve espresso, which is definitely one of my top 5 fave espressi. what do you mean, you haven't tried this yet?

thanks muchly, andrew!

and i think i should also thank dogmilque for coining a word i love a lot and will henceforth always use: "chemexi," that is, "to brew in a chemex." actually dogmilque's first use of this may have actually been as a plural form, along the lines of italian -- "i matti," the mad.

but it makes a great verb too! this is an excellent and much needed word, similar to the now-common nyc "subulate," that is, "to take the subway."

subulate charmingly captures the snaking feeling of the sinuous train sliding beneath the city, while chemexi has a great industrial sound, so perfect for the origins of the brewer itself.

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