Wednesday, August 30, 2006

back to the yoga clothes question

"if you're going to invest, spend more on bottoms than tops. pants and shorts take more of a beating. plus, you'll want a thicker fabric to cover your derriere when you're bending over."

i found this article on yoga wear pretty funny. it's not that you want thicker fabric, it's that you might not want the super-low cut yoga pants.

unless you really think you'll impress me with your cosabella thong. (this being new york and we here at bccy being famously open-minded, we will move beyond the much-bandied-about sightings of gentleman yoga students in thongs and continue on.)

the core situation is that ladies' yoga pants are really not adequate to the task at hand. i've been practicing since 1998 or so now, and i must say even the best-made yoga clothes are not long for this world if certain postures are in your standard class cycle.

i have lost a pair myself practicing the prep for both hanumansasana and ashtavakrasana. that terrible ripping sound in the inseam when you've just shied your leg over your shoulder is probably the most horrible part of yoga. . . besides actually breaking your nose (falling out of bakasana) or tearing a knee (padmasana abuse).

if i had tons o' money, after my coffee shop was up and running, i'd definitely start a yoga clothing company to redesign the ladies yoga pant in numerous ways. oh yeah.

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