Thursday, August 03, 2006

in search of espresso cups

a trip to miami must always include a visit to the wolfsonian's museum store to see what designer espresso/coffee cups they might have in the shop. . .that's my goal this afternoon.

an amusing note: i'm brewing andrew b's ecco brazil c.o.e. coffee, the esperanca, in my bodum travel press when my lovely sister-in-law wanders in. "what's the vanilla?" she asks, "is this a vanilla-flavored coffee?"

oh no way. welcome to a real coffee bouquet. . .the vanilla's just in there. . .the main component of vanilla's scent, vanillin, is naturally present in many fine and properly roasted arabicas, like andrew's.

speaking of scents, i'm noticing in miami that all the elegant and social (with a capital s) latin ladies are wearing viktor & rolf's flowerbomb. and i mean all.

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