Tuesday, August 22, 2006

listen to my tears hit the hard cold floor

"folgers is introducing a line of premium coffee with flavors like espresso roast and caramel drizzle, dressed up in shiny bags with swirly typefaces. . .

it is going after customers who drink a cheaper coffee every morning at home, but consider finer coffee to be a special treat. (in one television ad, a woman stands in her kitchen, dreamily sipping coffee, until her banana-throwing toddler interrupts her reverie.)"

somebody hand me a bucket, i think it's gonna be flood. i'm sure i don't have to tell readers here that "premium" or "gourment" coffee doesn't come in artificial flavors no matter what the shiny bags with swirly typefaces say.

the pre-ground, low-quality, stale, and (just to add insult to injury) flavored junk folgers is now pushing is a rip-off, no matter how gauzy the "reverie" in the marketing campaign. this calgon-take-me-away nonsense ad shill should be actively resisted.

this ugly marketing gimmick by the evil corporate multi-national roasters particularly offends me because it's going after us bccy types: the up-scale coffee-loving married woman. shiny bags cannot replace quality beans.

swirly type cannot replace freshness. dear readers, all i can do is encourage you to buy freshly roasted, whole bean coffee from your local specialty roaster and grind it at home! you don't need to spend a ton of money on a coffee machine (tho' everyone knows i'll be interested to hear about it if you do).

what you need to spend the money on is the quality of the coffee itself. and since specialty coffee is still a bargain, it's not hard to do!

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