Saturday, August 19, 2006

mailing it in: pumpkin ravioli?

sorry for the crazy non-formatting blogger lends these mail-in posts.
thanks for you patience.

anyway, one d. miller of philly is the lucky inheritor of the remaining
marcella-style pasta rolling pin or matterello, which long-time readers
may recall occupied so much of my time in june.

while we're on the subject of pasta, i still have a lot of
spinach-walnut pesto made from spinach i got at the csa, so i pulled it
outta the freezer and made up some hand-made egg pasta this afternoon.

i let it rest while i ran down to have my eyebrows done at supermodel
central, with the usual quick stop at economy candy. today they happened
to have cases of one of my favorite chocolates, the el rey apamate 73%
bar, at shockingly amazing prices.

so naturally i picked up one of those. long-time readers know how
important it is to be to live a balanced lifestyle, with great eyebrows
and adequate theobromine. . . .

but seriously, i returned to roll out the pasta and serve a very late
lunch of pesto. as my husband and i were pondering whether i had rolled
it too thin, he mentioned that since summer's almost over, he'd like
some pumpkin ravioli after labor day.

ok! can do! um, do i have a recipe?

after combing through no less than 8 famous and prize-winning cookbooks
of italian cuisine, i suddenly realize that none of them have the recipe
for this classic!

yikes! dear readers: this is the excuse i've been waiting for to buy the
raviolatrice. any tips on what book offers the best pumpkin ravioli

please comment below. . .

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