Monday, August 21, 2006

mailing it in: sorry for the ot

the mail-in posts pile up this week. all i can do is apologize for the formatting blogger leaves out, and hope i have time to clean it up later!

thanks for your patience. anyway, the ot here is hardly on the qt -- as long-time readers know i've written about the newish fairway market here in bklyn's red hook.

i'm loving the place. where else can you get a roast duck for US$4.99? not per pound. just US$4.99!

and it's really good duck too. you could drop by there, with its fabulous waterfront park location, pick up a duck, some veggies, a great piece of chocolate or good fruit tart (even, if you prefer, sweet noodle kugel with dried cranberries) and have a splendid picnic out back o' the store.

worse things would have happened to you, believe me, and for a lot more money. at that spot you're almost directly across from the statue of liberty, and your view extends from the green shores of staten island to the very tip of mall-hattan, the edge of wall st.

it's a fantastic harbor vista. honestly, when friends come to nyc, i think the red hook fairway picnic is a new must-do.

if looking at the water makes you want to get out on it, the water taxi stops very near. so it's easy to skim across to the financial district.

sure, this fairway ain't perfect. the slackers at the cheese counter are still learning about their products.

but fairway managment has made an effort to hire local residents. and let's face it, despite the rapid pace of gentrification, that red hook area generally is still what is usually known as an underprivileged nabe, maybe even a neglected one.

the long-time traditional residents aren't really of a background to natively distinguish 8 kinds of french ewe products.

so to my mind, this is actually a plus; over time fairway will get its training program fine-tuned and in a few years these employees will be as beloved for their expertise as the ones on the upper west side.

fairway -- all good! yay fairway! oh, and did i mention they sell don schoenholt's gillies coffee, too?

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