Tuesday, August 01, 2006

more on filth & brie

this story suprisingly just won't die:

"as for dr. cohen, when asked why his experience appears to differ, his answer was, 'location.' the upscale brooklyn heights area where he practices, he says, has many new yoga facilities, which may account for the increase in patients who arrive at his office with foot infections."

lemme once again completely second cohen's emotion. as one who happens to live in said location, i can attest that we now have about 6 studios and gyms teaching yoga within a 15 min. walk of my house.

and to be very pointed about the issue, i think the big thing i'm hearing anecdotally is a sudden increase in plantar warts. and it may come not only from dirty public yoga mats, but also from the simple fact that people go barefoot in yoga studios.

so you have a lot of people in open sandals(!) coming off the new york subway(!) and then walking around barefoot on the dirty mats(!) and none-too-clean floors(!). all yoga studios need to wash the floors, blankets, and mats regularly. end of story.

devoted readers know i have long complained about yoga studio floors -- mostly because in yoga you often have your face planted right there, so the grime's inescapable.

now most plantar warts are not a big deal; it's usually a 3-week date with the dr. scholl's. so it's not a life and death issue, i confess.

it's just a repulsive thought, if you know what i mean. . .warts.

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