Saturday, August 26, 2006

one infinite loop & the apamate

yes, today i imagine somewhere in california, a baby geek with a great backpack is frolicking on the lawn at the campus of one infinite loop. his name is david.

david is one of my favorite people in the world today. hello david! dear readers, let's all say "hello, david!"

and the reason we're loving david is that he is the apple employee who sold me a screaming mac book pro 17" on the phone this morning. hello david! just sing it out. . .

news like this is cause to break open that new case of el rey apamate 73.5% i bought last week.

news like this gives one enough energy to make 7 quarts of ratatouille, which indeed i did this afternoon, in a desperate effort to use up all the locally grown organic veggies i got at the csa this week. (the first weeks of the csa are slow-going, but now in full season my US$20 gets me more stuff than i can carry home. . .6 pounds of fruit alone last week!)

long-time readers may recall i usually make elizabeth david's version of this classic dish, but to shake things up today, i used deborah madison's recipe. in the end, i think i prefer david's; but it may just be that that's because i've been making it for about 20 years now.

and to cap this source of joy, my husband went down to the famed red hook soccer fields, where the latin immigrants have food fairs every weekend as they watch their league teams play. the red hook soccer fields are widely known as the place for the best, most authentic latin food in all nyc.

he brought back the most ultra-awesome light-as-air tamales i've ever had, as well as a fantastic dessert made from sweet plantains filled with dulce de leche. another must-do for in-the-know nyc visitors.

is it stalking if i send david chocolate? or as a fellow mac-fanatic, would he understand? nah, too weird. (thanks for all your help, m.b.!)

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