Wednesday, August 09, 2006

return to new york

but before i did, my husband insisted we hit a very fine argentinian bakery, buenos aires bakery. let me highly recommend their raisin bread pudding (boudin de pan) with dulche de leche, their tortilla de papa (thick omelet with potatoes and onions), and their empanadas.

especially the spinach empanada. yummy.

some empanadas are too greasy, heavy, or with tough, thick crusts. not these.

flaky, delicate, and fresh-tasting, i loved 'em. another excellent point is of course that they have a location here in nyc, altho' alas it is quite far from my house in boo-di-fal bklyn.

in the interests of a truly fair review however, i will say that their dulche de leche mille feuille wasn't successful. the pastry layers were a tad too hard and dry.

my husband also praises their tarta espinaca, a spinach pie with onion and hard fried eggs. the baguette was light with fair-sized holes, altho' i don't think the bread is really notable here.

and of course i'm not going to be able to comment on the coffee, but that's a freshness issue -- few of the latin bakeries serve fresh-roasted coffee and i've seen one serve specialty-grade beans -- as well as a roast-level thing, you know?

long-time readers know that i'm not generally a big fan of ultra-dark roasted coffee, even tho' i understand objectively that such is the latin style.

anyway, since jet blue doesn't serve lunch, loading up on the argentinian delicacies certainly made the flight much more fun. if you, dear readers, happen to be wandering the upper reaches of collins ave., check it out!

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