Friday, August 25, 2006

still mailing it in: routin 1883

one of these days i'll stop running frantically about -- anyway, when i
can get to a real computer, then i'll stop mailing this stuff in so much
. . .

um, this is supposed to be some sort of apology for blogger's crazy

i think. where was i? that's my whole week in a nutshell.

oh yeah. the last of jessica's batdorf dancing goat. look, coffee's like
milk, as i always say.

no one would drink 2-week-old milk. it wouldn't be fresh.

and so you shouldn't drink coffee more than 14 days outta the roaster;
even by day 8, most coffee is showing some signs of age and is moving
towards stale.

thus i'm looking at the last 2 spoonfuls of jessica's previous bag of
goat. it's aged, but in coffee, a grey beard doesn't represent wisdom.

nonetheless, i hated to throw it away, so i made up some turkish from it
and thought this would be a good test of the sugar-free routin 1883
chocolate syrup i had about.

long-time readers know my husband is fond of the sugar-free white
chocolate syrup from da vinci on occasion. i myself think the da vinci
has just one drawback as syrups go -- when you pour it through the
espresso, it leaves a white spot on the crema.

the routin 1883 syrups were recommended to by don schoenholt of gillies.
they leave no white spots and have very pure, intense flavors.

so you have to use far less of them than da vinci, monin, or fontana.
(not that i'm a fan of syrups in coffees. . .but so many people love
their vanilla lattes! sigh).

anyway, instead of making the turkish coffee this morning with sugar or
splenda, i poured some of the routin 1883 chocolate sugar-free syrup
into the ibrik. maybe a teaspoon.

hmm. i would say this particular routin had a more dark caramel than
dark chocolate taste.

so in a certain way, it went better with the coffee than i might have
expected. but i didn't find it very chocolate-y, which surprised me.

and it surprised me because the routin 1883 sugar-free vanilla's a
knockout. that stuff's great (as far as vanilla coffee syrups go. . .

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