Wednesday, August 23, 2006

surprisingly sensible yoga advice

"yet with all its benefits, yoga's gain in the popularity and availability has also come to mean a substantial increase in the number of yoga-related injuries. according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission, over the course of one year, doctors treated more than 3,700 such injuries at an estimated cost of US$94 million.

yoga practitioners are being treated for repetitive strains and overstretched muscles of just about every possible body part, but most frequently injuries involve the neck, legs, spine, knees and shoulders."

well, the advice is common sense, but what interested me most about this article was the injury statistic. i don't recall seeing this documented before, which makes it worth noting.

i wonder how it compares to say, step aerobics or spinning. anyway, in more interesting yoga news, the exciting ganesha festivities are happening at eddie stern's place, if you're interested in some fun food (think sweet dumplings!) and great kirtan.

check out the schedule at the website. i'll drop in at some point i'm sure, even if they're serving (*sigh*) tea.

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