Sunday, August 27, 2006

why i love doing yoga at home

not only because in august -- as i've ranted before -- are the subsitute yoga teachers mostly bad, but also as people go on vacation, many yoga centers tend to cut down on classes period to try to save money. so most of your favorite classes are cancelled, and those that aren't are staffed by teachers who just make ya weep.

thus i enjoyed doing yoga at home today. self-practice is a good thing anyway, and it can be very pleasant to just plop down your mat in your dining room, listening to something very soothing as you float your way through a nice flow.

plus since today's been raining off and on, it's nice not to have trudge thru the wet, jockey for elbow room in the studio, and then simmer in frustration as some barely qualified cutie messes up her left and right as she fidgets her way thru "teaching" a hesitant round of sun salutations. (you can see that friday class i took left scars!)

that one can practice yoga relaxedly at home while the pizza dough is rising serves a double benefit to my mind. . .after my own self-practice i can just wander into the kitchen and brew up a little cup of turkish to sip while i finish the paper.

why do i even belong to a yoga studio again? oh yeah. . .

today's ny times contains a fashion section not much smaller than a september vogue, one in which chandler burr discusses a couple of new fragrances. the guerlain rose barbare seems definitely like a scent for me!

however this autumn i'm already committed to wearing luten's sa majeste la rose, and long-time readers know that every winter i revert to that classic l'heure bleue. (l'heure is a good wavelength tester for me, i find -- if i meet a person who remarks negatively on it, i know right away to flee, that i don't know wanna deal with 'em. if you don't get l'heure, you're not going get me either.)

thus i'm afraid i'll have to wait to check out the rose barbare, alas. anyway, i'm glad to see the ny times recognize perfume with a regular column.

when it will do so for coffee? inquiring minds want to know!

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