Wednesday, August 02, 2006

yaucono & xocolatl

i love jet blue, you know; and so i'm escaping the nyc heatwave in miami. yuppers, it's cooler in florida than noo yawk right now.

the intercoastal waterway sure sparkles, esp. when you can enjoy a nice glass of iced yaucono with a real cantucci and a sliver of dagoba's xocolatl. worse things have happened to me, no doubt!

long-time readers know i don't usually agree with chocolate obsession, and i definitely don't on this bar. i don't think he "gets" dagoba at all. . .but to each his own, hmm?

in general however i brought andrew b's ecco brazil with me from the other day. yummy!

and now to kick back and enjoy the floribbean!

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